Lab Members



Aaron schmidt: Principal Investigator

Originally from the great state of Wisconsin, Aaron left behind the Land of Cheeseheads to move to Massachusetts for his undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral studies. While he now considers himself a true Bostonian, he has never given up his Midwestern sensibilities (including an affinity for all things deep-fried). When not running the Schmidt Lab and wrangling unruly lab members, Aaron can be found binge-watching an (unhealthy) amount of bad TV supplemented with B-rated horror films.

contact: aschmidt [at]


Charles Pugh: Post-Doctoral Fellow

Born and raised in the “Not Chicago” part of Illinois, Charles escaped to the Sunshine State to complete his PhD at the University of Florida. Charles is prepared to suffer through the Northeastern Winters for the prospect of unraveling the mysteries of viral evolution as a part of the Schmidt Lab. When not in lab he is continuing his quest to find the most outrageous burger in the world, or building and painting models while watching The Office in the background.

contact: CPUGH [at]




After obtaining his PhD in northern Italy where he was born and raised, Giuliano decided it was time to leave his mamma and explore the wonders of immunogen design in Cambridge. When not working in the lab, he enjoys running, doing yoga, and lying on sofas.

contact: GBERLOFFA [at]


Ian Windsor: Post-Doctoral Fellow

Ian originated from the Midwest where he earned degrees from Minnesota and Wisconsin before moving to Boston and earning a Ph.D. in Chemistry at MIT. When not studying humoral responses to influenza neuraminidase in the Schmidt and Harrison Labs, Ian can be found biking around New England in search of the best craft beer (or at home with his cat).

contact: windsor [at]


Max Maron: Research Technologist

Born and raised in the quiet foothills just outside New York City, Max first arrived in the Bay State three years ago with a dollar and a dream. Max promptly spent this dollar on half a T ride to HMS. He has worked with Aaron ever since designing novel immunogens and studying influenza-directed antibodies. Favorite pastimes include making obscure Scrubs references and listening to the podcast, Radiolab.

I am also a Virgo who enjoys long walks on the beach and puppies.

contact: maron [at]

Tim Caradonna: Graduate Student 

A Boston native, Tim learned from a young age that the easiest way to stay warm in the harsh Northeastern winter was to spend more time in lab.  When not working to create modified influenza antigens, he can be found practicing the piano, re-watching West Wing, or cooking borderline ridiculous amounts of Italian food.

contact: caradonna [at]



Blake Hauser: Graduate Student

Moving up the coast from Georgia by way of UNC, Blake chose to forgo the warm weather and March Madness victories to study viral evolution as a member of the Schmidt Lab.  When not mapping influenza antigenic clusters, she enjoys backpacking, camping, and continuing to cheer for all UNC sports.

Jared Feldman: Graduate Student

Born and raised just outside of New York City, Jared moved to Maine to ski pursue his undergraduate studies. After a research stint in New Hampshire, he joined Harvard’s Virology Program, checking off another New England destination. When not working to identify inhibitors of viral fusion, Jared can be found escaping the city for a hike and claiming Pitchfork music reviews as his own insightful commentary.


CJD alps headshot.png

Catherine JAcob-Dolan: Graduate Student

Born and bred in the Boston area, Catherine ventured off to Germany in search of the perfect pretzel (and an undergraduate degree), before she unwittingly found herself right back in her home state. When not working in the Barouch lab, working in the Schmidt lab, or commuting between the two, Catherine is probably hiking, snacking, or trying her best at trivia.

Anne Roffler: Research assistant

Hailing from Taipei, Anne traded in tropical humidity for endless strip malls to study Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Southern California.  When not in lab, she enjoys spending her life savings on overpriced coffee, and is talented at eating her body weight in free tortilla chips, abusing free tortilla chip refills, and tripping over perfectly flat surfaces.




Tina The T-rex: Lab Mascot

A North American resident since the late Cretaceous period, Tina has spent the last 65 million years cultivating a strong interest in the evolutionary interplay between antibodies and viral antigens.  Her interests led her to the Schmidt lab, where she brings her wise perspective, and charismatic personality.

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We are always interested in recruiting enthusiastic and talented individuals to join our group! Please send all inquiries to "aschmidt [at]".

Postdoctoral Fellows: please arrange to send three letters of recommendation, CV and a cover letter.

Graduate Students @ Harvard, MIT: please email Aaron about setting up a meeting to discuss possible rotations in the lab.

Undergraduate Students: we want to provide opportunities for ambitious undergrads in the Boston and Cambridge area to pursue research. Please email Aaron about possible semester or summer options.